Nature hidden gems of Mt. Beljanica

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Monastery Manasija and nature hidden gems of Mt. Beljanica – waterfalls Lisine and Resava cave

Monastery Manasija

Monastery Manasija is the foundation of Despot Stefan Lazarević, Serbian ruler, knight of the Order of Dragon, educator and patron of arts and culture. The foundation of the Despot Stefan Lazarević is one the very best realizations of Serbian architecture of the late middle ages. The fortification is a very special particularity of the monastery of Resava. It has been conceived according to all the rules of medieval fortification and built to defend the monastery community.

Resava cave

The Karst composition of mountain Beljanica causes the presence of numerous pits, sinkholes, ravines and caves. Twenty kilometers from the Manasija Monastery is the Resava Cave, often called the Resava beauty. It nests on the edge of karst field Divljikovac. Of the four and half kilometers of length, only slightly less than three kilometres have been explored, while visitors have access to only 800 meters. The oldest ornaments, made by dissolving calcium carbonate, are approximately 45 million years old. The temperature is only 7⁰C, and concentration of moisture in the air is high, from 80 to 100%.

Veliki buk waterfall

A 20-minute drive from the monastery in the direction of the Strmosten village, at the foot of mountain Beljanica (1,300 m) are Veliko Vrelo spring and Veliki Buk waterfall, which are protected by the Serbian Government Decree as natural monument Lisine. Veliko Vrelo belongs to a very small group of powerful karst springs and is an exceptional example of a gravity spring. Veliki Buk is a unique phenomenon among accumulation tufa waterfalls in Serbia. It is the largest waterfall n Serbia, more than 20 meters high. Its beauty and impressiveness leaves one speechless.


Belgrade – Despotovac (monastery Manasija) 135km (100km by high way)

Despotovac – Resava cave 20km

Working hours in Resava cave

Season 01st Apr-31st Oct 08:00-17:00

Off the season 01st Nov – 31st March 08:00-16:00

Path length in cave – 800m (constant temperature in cave is 7 degrees – jackets /warmer clothes necessary)

Resava cave – waterfalls Lisine 10km

Suggested duration for visiting this destination is full day – approx 8 /9 hours including lunch break

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