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Šumadija winemakers association

In September 2013, exactly 110 years after “Co-operative of Winegrowers of Vencac” was established, the Association of Winemakers of Šumadija was established in Topola, purposely or by chance, and this association became an initiator of a completely new movement of Serbian modern viticulture. This organization was established with a clear vision to produce the highest quality wines with geographical origin – marked as being of the “Šumadija geographical origin”, as would other more developed wine producing areas in the world. With that aim, the organization outlined a path for Šumadija as a wine producing region, to become a significant destination on the wine map of Europe and for the wines of this region to be recognized by their exceptional and indisputable quality.


Winery Zmajevac

Lipovac BB , Topola

phone. +381 63255001

Royal winery

Foundation of the King Petar I Karadjordjevic

Oplenac bb, 34310 Topola

phone. 034/ 6811 118; 6811 280


Winery Aleksandrovic

Vinca, Topola – Oplenac

phone. 034/ 826 555
fax. 034/ 826 556

Winery Arsenijevic

34310 Vinca, Topola

phone. 060/0186659

The Family Rogan Winery

Lipovac bb, Topola Serbia

phone. (0)34 834 860, (0)63 899 75 30

Winery DeLena

Lipovac bb, Lipovac, Topola

phone. 063 207 203
fax. 034 834 816

Winery Tarpos

Vrbica bb, Arandjelovac

phone. +381 34 725805

Winery Velickovic

Banja bb, Arandjelovac

phone. +381 628984840

Wine cellar Radovanovic

Dositejeva 10, 11319 Krnjevo, Serbia

phone. (+381) 26 821 085

Winery Despotika

11423 Vlaski Do, Smederevska Palanka

phone. 06026 302 126, 064 821 4117

Wine cellar Madzic

Village Selevac bb, 11407 Smederevska Palanka

phone. 060/312-9330, 026/371-164

Wine cellar Pavlovic

Trska bb, 34210 Raca

phone. 03060/1763105; 034/6100782

Winery Art Wine

Nicifora Novakovica 13, Grosnica, Kragujevac

phone. +381 63 329 429

Winery Katanic

Kamenica, 34000 Kragujevac

phone. 065 330 20 00
fax. 034 336 147

Winery Ambelos

Monestary Koporin, Koporinska bb, Velika Plana

phone. +381 63366737

Wine cellar Stari Hrast

34229 Zirovnica, Kragujevac

phone. 034-863-103, 063-619-836


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On the territory of the municipality of Topola there are excellent conditions for the development of hunting tourism. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection determines the hunting calendar.

There are two hunting associations in the Municipality of Topola: Hunting association “Karađorđe” (hunting ground “Kamenica”) and Lovačko udruženje “Jelen” (hunting ground “Trešnjevac”).



Hunting association “Karadjordje” Topola +381346811137

Hunting association “Jelen” Natalinci +38134541041, +381646583960

The total area of ​​the two hunting grounds is 33,443.0 ha.