Central Serbia & Šumadija

Šumadija is a spiritual and cultural center of Serbia. It was Šumadija that gave Serbia everything that is characteristic of Serbia – its mark, its seal, its graft.

Here, one listens to the trumpet, at the gatherings people dance the kolo, here the cold days are made warmer by “the tea of Šumadija”, hot brandy, and the youth at the village gatherings pass the time listening to the stories of the Serb heroes and voivodes, of famous battles and great victories. It may be that, because of such a strong historical heritage, every stone from this region has a story to tell.

Wines from the valley, from the royal cellar on Oplenac, brandies from Čačak, Kraljevo and Aranđelovac are the drops of the juice of history turned to tradition.

The songs of Šumadija, Gruža and Guča find their way to the heart as the only way to listen to them is through the heart. And while the sounds of the trumpet or the pipe reverberate through the fields, through the forests and gardens, smelling fresh in the evening, the host’s joy travels with them. Here, despite the difficult and cruel history, or just because of it, life is celebrated. Here, you are truly and forever – welcome.

You will know the way of life of the villagers

if you enter the charming homes as dear and welcome guests and experience the honest

hospitality of Serbian hosts

The villages of central Serbia, whether in the vicinity of Aranđelovac, Topola, Gornji Milanovac, Čačak, Knić, Lučane, Kruševac, Kraljevo, Aleksandrovac or in the Kopaonik region, cherish the tradition of good health of their region. From every single grain that goes into the making of the corn bread or the cake bread served at the dinner table, through the medicinal herbs, forest fruits, cheese, kaimak and dried meat, all the way to the lamb chops prepared in the iron pan or pork roast – here the taste of the bite is helped by a breadth of fresh air, a swallow of well water and the medicinal characteristic of the nature giving birth to everything and surrounded by everything.

Cheese pie, apple or plumb pie, chicken or turkey soup, beans – often find their way to the dinner table. In the vicinity of the rivers, wells and brooks, at the foot of the mountain, these villages offer a possibility of active rest which, depending on the season, can be laced with fishing, hinting, skiing, swimming, horse-riding, picking of medicinal herbs and forest fruits, walks, bicycle riding, preparing food and winter food together with the hosts, or stilling the brandy, picking the grapes…

In some of the village households handicraft workshops are organized, or preparations of traditional food or prunes. A tour of the monasteries, the most significant places of interest of Medieval Serbia, provides addition contribution to the feeling of a strong spiritual charge of the region.

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